The South African Hall of Fame


The South African Hall of Fame was officially opened on the 30 November 2016 with Mr Gary Player at Sun City in the Sun Centre.

The South African Hall of Fame has three Core Ideologies. Celebrate, Inspire and Empower.

We will celebrate great achievements by extra ordinary greats by inducting them into the South African Hall of Fame.

Individuals, Teams, Commentators and Contributors will be eligible for selection.

By inducting extra ordinary individuals, teams, contributors and commentators into the South African Hall of Fame we will Inspire our Youth to reach excellence.

The South African Hall of Fame will also roam an exhibition and academy throughout South Africa in order to empower our youth to holistically reach their full potential.

We are opening the Hall of Fame on 30 November at 18h00 in the Sun Centre in Sun City. Mr Gary Player will be officially be cutting the ribbon of the opening.
On 24 November 2016 we will also do a media launch opening at 18h00 with our Main Sponsor Samsung and Sun International. The venue will be the same.

The South African Hall of Fame will be an interactive exhibition and a first of its kind in Africa. Visitors can come and relive greatest moments in South African history while interacting with their respective heroes by means of Virtual Reality and various Simulators.


Hotel Guests receives free entrance and day visitors pay R50.00

Our Country needs heroes to bring hope to our Youth. By inspiring our youth we will create hope which in turn will create passion and perseverance.